Terms & Conditions of Participation

The GOTS Award for Video Instructions offers all GOTS members (physicians, therapists, sports scientists, students, etc.) the opportunity to present their own video on “Medical Information and Continuing Medical Education” ‑ either as individuals or as a team. Their video contributions may, for example, address diagnostic techniques, surgical techniques, aspects of rehabilitation, approaches to prevention, taping instructions, or the like. Only GOTS members are entitled to participate.

Terms & Conditions of Participation:
The video must represent original work of either an individual or a team. It is not permitted to seek the assistance and cooperation of a professional video production company. Accepted video formats include: .wmv, .avi and .mpg.

All applications must include:

  • An abstract limited to one page and containing: title, author(s) names, affiliation (hospital / university / department) and text (with a maximum of 300 words), preferably constructed in the following manner: Objective(s), Target groups(s), Methodology, Results, Conclusion(s) and Clinical Significance.
  • The original video which is no more than five minutes long and no larger than 100 MB. For didactic reasons, videos will only be accepted if they include audio narration.
  • A statement in which applicants must declare ownership of the video that is submitted. If necessary, a copy of licences and copyright assignments must be included.
  • A statement transferring copyright ownership to GOTS.

Individuals or teams are invited to submit more than one entry.

All submissions will become the property of GOTS.
The videos can be submitted online at: www.gots.org/Video-Award.

Entries will be judged by a jury whose members will be appointed by the GOTS Executive Board; the jurors will also determine the eligibility of the entries received.

Entries will be judged on the basis of the following criteria:

Content (40 %): Is the message clear? Is the information accurate and clearly presented? Does the video include information from other sources, and if so, where and to what extent?

Efficiency / overall impression (30 %): Does this video leave a lasting impression on the audience? Does it address the intended audience of health professionals? Does the video centre on one of the topics of interests of GOTS?

Creativity (20 %): Does the video represent an original work of the submitting individual / the submitting team?

Video quality (10 %): Is the video of high voice and image quality?

The Video Award is sponsored by DJO GLOBAL and comes with a cash prize of 2,000 Euros for the best video entry.

Entries submitted until June 1 of the year will participate in this year’s GOTS Award for Video Instructions competition; late entries will participate in next year’s competition.

The award will be handed out by the jury during the GOTS Annual Meeting.

Award Winners


1st position:
Florian Hartenbach, Tobias Smodics, Natalia Palasz, Titel: Supinationstrauma – Klinische Tests und Ultraschall
2nd position:
Tobias Billert, Tom Kube, Hans-Peter Boschert, Titel: Präventions-Programm Knie des DTB Turnen männlich
2nd position:
Magdalena Wagner, Titel: Muskelverletzungen der Hand: Lumbricalis-Schäden beim Sportklettern und Bouldern


1st position:
Sarah Sommer, Dr. med. Julia Eberle, Dr. med. Raymond Best, Stuttgart, Titel: Hamstringabrissverletzungen - von Diagnostik bis Therapie
2nd position:
Florian Hartenbach, Wien, Titel:SCARF Osteotomie
2nd position:
Juliane Pietschmann, Bad Sassendorf, Titel: Gangtraining auf dem Laufband mit auditivem Feedback


Felix Hoffmann, Frisch Anne, Krecké Roland, Pauls Jérôme, Radrizzi Laurent, Schaack Danièle, Wennig Louis, Luxemburg
Titel: Ski injury prevention program


Peter Stefanich, Tobias Smodics, Title: Die Syndesmosenruptur im klinischen Alltag aus Sicht eines Physiotherapeuten


1st position:
Daniel Wagner, Stuttgart, Title: Tuberositas Transfer
2nd position:
Clemens Gwinner, Berlin, Title: Arthroskopische Versorgung von knöchernen Ausrissen des hinteren Kreuzbandes in transtibiliarer Tight-Rope-Technik


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