GOTS Patronage

Patronage Conditions

  • Prior to the event all organisers seeking patronage of GOTS for their continuing medical education activities must send their application to the Society office which will pass on their requests to the authorised representatives of the Executive Board. All applications must be submitted via e-mail to the Society’s office. Please attach a file containing the conference programme and proceedings to facilitate assessment of the request.
  • Acceptability of requests will be evaluated using our Assessment Protocol. In this context, “GOTS environment” denotes current and former members of the Advisory Board.
  • A processing fee of EUR 100.00 will be charged when the patronage is granted. The applicant will receive a separate invoice by e-mail.
  • When patronage is granted, this may be used for advertising purposes. Logos will be supplied by the Society’s office. The organisers undertake to actively promote GOTS during their conference or meeting and display flyers, membership application forms, etc.
  • The organisers undertake to provide GOTS members with a discount of at least 10% on registrations.
  • The organizers undertake to reserve one or two seats free of charge for members of the Young Academy.
  • Patronage events will be announced in the journal Sport-Orthopädie/Sport-Traumatologie/Sports Orthopaedics and Traumatology and posted on the GOTS web site.
  • The GOTS Executive Board will notify the applicant of their decision within four weeks of applying. Simultaneous patronage for events taking place within a 200-km-radius must be avoided. In the event of scheduling conflicts, priority will be given to Executive Board and/or Advisory Board members’ activities. Patronage for events taking place around the same time as the GOTS Annual Meeting is excluded.
  • Using GOTS patronage for advertising purposes is prohibited unless prior permission has been obtained.

Application for GOTS Patronage for Conferences and Events

Application – PDF file (Updated 2020)

Dr. Katrin Henkel
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