The GOTS-Arthrex-Asienfellowship was established in cooperation with JOSSM (Japanese Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine) and KOSSM (Korean Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine) in 1992.
The exchange program for physicians and scientists builds on historic affiliations between the German, Swiss, Austrian and Japanese and Korean orthopaedic sports medical communities. Four GOTS-fellows are selected every alternate year. The physicians have the opportunity to increase their specialty knowledge in Japan and South Korea, to gather new scientific and cultural impressions and to develop contacts with the authorities on sports orthopaedics topics of these countries. In the alternate year, four highly scientifically qualified colleagues from Japan and Korea travel to Germany, Switzerland and Austria as part of the return visit. This fellowship was first supported by BSN, 2011/2012 by De Puy Mitek, since 2013 by ARTHREX.

Four GOTS members will travel to Japan and Korea in summer or autumn 2020.

Please submit your application by November 15th 2019 to

GOTS office
Dr. Katrin Henkel
Breite Straße 10
07749 Jena
Tel. 0 36 41 / 38 44 78
Fax 0 36 41 / 56 14 47
mobil 0 176 / 240 825 53

The Fellowship is supervised by Prof. Dr. Martin Engelhardt (Osnabrück, Germany).

The application should include a curriculum vita, as well as a presentation of the professional development (practical activities, publications and scientific lectures), good skills in English language, a passport picture and the applicant should word in orthopaedic surgery or traumatology.



Gregor Berrsche, D - Heidelberg Marcus Mumme, CH - Basel Philippe Tscholl, E-Mail: CH - Genf Madeleine Willegger, E-Mail: A - Wien


Paul Brinkmeier, D - Münster Gernot Hertel, D - München Thomas Niethammer, D - München Sebastian Thormann, CH - Luzern


Dr. Ihle, D - Tübingen Dr. Saier, D- Murnau Dr. Kolb, A Dr. Egloff, CH


Reinhard Schuh, A-Wien Gernot Willscheid, D-Osnabrück Christoph Thaler, A-Salzburg Claudio Rosso, CH-Basel


Martin Bachmann, CH-Basel Casper Grim, D-Osnabrück Steven Ristau, D-Hannover Manuel Sabeti, A-Wien


Michaela Pavelka, A-Wien Matthias Muschol, D-Bremen Carlo Camathias, CH-Basel Lars Hagemann, D-Hannover


Catharina Chiari, A-Wien Andreas Behra, D-Hannover Arno Frigg, CH-Basel André Leumann, CH-Basel


Holger Schmitt, D-Heidelberg Geert Pagenstert, CH-Basel Erich Altenburger, A-Korneuburg Stephan Albrecht, D-Berlin


Victor Valderrabano, CH-Basel Dalip Pelinkovic, D-Stuttgart Wolfgang Hackl, A-Innsbruck

GOTS Geschäftsstelle
Gebäude 14 Bachstraße 18, 07743 Jena (DE)