Heinrich-Hess-USA-Scholarship of the GOTS and “Deutschen Arthrose Hilfe e.V.”

Every year the Deutsche Arthrose Hilfe e.V. grants two scholarship holders a contribution of up to 5000€ to enable visits at leading international and American scientists on the field of sport orthopaedics. This travelling scholarship aims to encourage junior researchers in sport orthopaedics especially regarding the field of arthritis.

Please submit your application to:

Dr. Katrin Henkel
Breite Straße 10
07749 Jena

Tel. 0 36 41 / 38 44 78
Fax 0 36 41 / 56 14 47
Mobile 0 176 / 240 825 53
E-Mail: info@gots.org

Application form:

I. In general

Cooperation GOTS and Deutsche Arthrose Hilfe e.V.
Aim Support of young scientists in the field of sport orthopaedics and sport injuries at university and teaching hospitals with specific and none-specific reference to arthritis in honour of Professor Heinrich Hess, first president of GOTS 1986-1994.
Topic Visit an American clinician, who belongs to the leading scientists in sport orthopaedics.
Duration 4 weeks
Number of granted fellowships 2 per annum
Amount Up to 5000 € per scholarship
Applicant Young academically committed physicians in subject-specific education/employment at university or teaching hospitals
Selection The board of GOTS tenders the scholarships, preselects the applicants and forwards the applications of those who are eligible to the Deutsche Arthrose Hilfe e.V.
After evaluating the applications the Deutsche Arthrose Hilfe e.V. grants the scholarship and manages the funds.
Extend of application A maximum of 10 pages
How to apply 1.Via email, 2. In duplicate by mail

II. Structure

  1. Name/title of project: (short form, maximum of 5 words)
  2. Name/title of project: (full name/title)
  3. Duration of project (from/until)
  4. Applicant (Address, email, phone number)
  5. Address of administrative director of the university (third-party account), (address, email, phone number)
  6. Bank details of the university´s project-related third-party account
  7. Introduction (motivation)
  8. Specific goal of the scholarship, description of the applicant´s qualification
  9. Financial requirements
  10. List of publications
  11. Easily-comprehensible illustration of importance
  12. Curriculum vitae of the applicant with passport picture, awards, honorary posts13
  13. Statement of the employer regarding deployment
  14. Statement of the host


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