GOTS-SIGASCOT-Italian-Fellowship 2019

In 1998 GOTS has expended its fellowship program to support the European exchange in sports orthopaedics. The two week GOTS-SIGASCOT-Italian-Fellowship offers the possibility to gain insight into leading Italian institutes or clinics which are working in the field of sports science and also allows the fellow to acquire knowledge of the way their colleagues work. Furthermore it offers the fellow the opportunity to represent the accomplishments of the GOTS and sports medicine during their visit in the GOTS countries.


In autumn 2018 the GOTS invited two colleagues from Italy on a two-week visit to Germany, Austria and Switzerland to broaden their experiences in the field of sports orthopaedics.
In autumn 2019 two GOTS members will be granted the opportunity of a two week visit to the most important Italian sports orthopaedic centres in exchange.

The application should include a curriculum vitae as well as a presentation of the professional development (practical activities, publications and scientific lectures), a passport picture and should be submitted by 01. June 2019.

Marco Ezechieli, Vincenz Krankenhaus Paderborn, supervises the fellowship.

Please submit your application to:

GOTS office
Dr. Katrin Henkel
Breite Straße 10
07749 Jena

Tel. 0 36 41 / 38 44 78
Fax 0 36 41 / 56 14 47
mobil 0 176 / 240 825 53



Sanjay Weber-Spickschen, D-Hannover
Michael Humenberger, A-Wien


Henning Ott, D-Heidelberg
Matthias D. Wimmer, D-Bonn


Richard Glaab, CH-Davos
Marco Ezechieli, D-Hannover


Arnd Schmidt, D-Laer
Philipp Niemeyer, D-Freiburg


Carl Haasper, D-Hannover
Babak Zargar Amini, D-Bielefeld


Stefan Hinterwimmer, D-München
Nikolaus A. Streich, D-Heidelberg
Hans-Michael Klinger, D-Bad Hersfeld


Matthias Buchner, D-Heidelberg
Florian Schneider, D-Würzburg


Joern W.-P. Michael, D-Hürth
Karsten Knobloch, D-Hannover
Sepp Braun, D-München


Markus Rittmeister, D-Frankfurt
Ralf Linke, D-München


Jan Schneider, D-Stuttgart
Markus Kessler, CH-St. Gallen


Patrick Peters, D-Paderborn
Frieder Mauch, D-Stuttgart

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Gebäude 14 Bachstraße 18, 07743 Jena (DE)